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Ursviken Optima 64 2.6


Used Ursviken 2.5metre x 60ton cnc pressbrake for sale – with brand new top and bottom tooling as shown in the pictures – 2 Videos at the bottom of the listing of us running the machine in our factory on 2 separate occasions.

Ursviken Optima 64 2.6/2.05


Type: OPTIMA 64  Manuf. Year: 1997



Operation Length: 2600mm                        Internal Frame Dist: 2050mm

Working Height: 950mm                              Gap: 200mm

Table Width: 122mm                                    Tool Space: 400mm

Press Power: 628 kN                                     Stroke Length: 200mm

Foundation dgr No: 2-66040                       Weight: 6800 kg


  • Complete with Cybelec Dnc 800 control – NEW SCREEN AND FASCIA FITTED ON THE CYBELEC CONTROL
  • 8 axis in total / 6 axis back gauge
  • Hydraulic tool clamping


SPEED                                                               SAFETY DEVICE

High Speed: 90 mm/s                                    2 hand control No: THD 3-917/1-80 no:

Press speed: 9.5mm/s                                  Light curtain FGS 900: Transmitter no: 97313249

Receiver no: 97313243

Return Speed: 65mm/s                                 Control device type: DNC 800 no 872



RATED Voltage 3-ph. 415 V / 50Hz            Contractor Voltage: 110V

Valve Relay Voltage: 24V                             Rec Main Fuse: 25AMP


Motor   Make                   Designation        Way of Assembly             Power   Rotations               Voltage

Pump     BEVI                      132S                     IM2001                               5.5KW   1450 r/m               415V/50Hz

MBG-X  Baldor                  SD25-40               IM1001                               1500W  4500r/m               140V

MBG-R  Baldor                  SD25-20               IM1001                               800W    2500r/m               140V

MBG-Z   Baldor                  SD25-40               IM1001                               1500W  4500r/m               140V

Crowning BEVI                  Skg 71-8B            IM3631                               0.12KW 690r/m                 415V/50Hz


Electric Diagrams             A4 59331/1B, 2C, 4B3, 11A, 12B, 13B, 14B2, 15E, 20B, 21A1, 22E, 23A1, 28A, 30A4, 31E, 32D, 35, 36, 40A, 41, 42D, 50C, 51B, 52C, 53A, 54A, 55A, 87C, 91, 92, 170B, 171C, 172

Electric Components:      SL 59331 94 10 18 + SL 67330E/3

PLC program:                    A4 66348E4

MAC Program:                  A4 65216S4

Hydraulic Data:

Oil volume:                        0.11m3                                              Oil Viscosity: 46 cst/40


Max Op Pressure:             21 MPa

Pump mark:                       Truninger                                                          Type: QT 33-12

Capacity:                            18.3 l/min

Hydraulic Diagram:          A3-65817

Hydraulic Unit Make:      Hawe

Hydraulic Diagram:          A4-67710

Oil filter make:                  parker                                                Type: 24 P1 10 BH


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