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Deep Draw Hydraulic Presses

If you are looking to introduce deep draw pressing to your manufacturing capacity or add to what you already have, here at Zebra Worldwide Machinery Ltd we can supply our high quality Reha deep draw hydraulic press with cushions to produce your deep draw products, we are able to quote based on your product drawings and in turn offer consultation to build your press to your desired outcome

Deep draw pressing, also known as deep drawing or deep drawing process, is a manufacturing method used to create complex, three-dimensional shapes from sheet metal or other materials. It involves placing a sheet of material, typically metal, over a die (a specially designed tool), and then using a punch to press the sheet into the die cavity, forming it into the desired shape.

Deep draw hydraulic presses are commonly used in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, appliance manufacturing, and consumer goods, to produce components such as cylindrical cups, cans, boxes, and other intricate shapes. It is particularly well-suited for creating parts with high depth-to-diameter ratios, where the depth of the drawn part is significantly greater than its diameter.

Using a deep draw hydraulic press typically involves several stages, including blanking (cutting the sheet into a circular shape), drawing (forming the sheet into the die cavity), and trimming (removing excess material to obtain the final shape). The process requires precise control of parameters such as material thickness, blank size, die geometry, and punch force to achieve the desired shape without defects such as wrinkling, tearing, or springback.

Deep draw pressing offers several advantages, including high production rates, the ability to create complex shapes, and good material utilisation. However, it also has limitations, such as the need for specialized tooling, potential material thinning, and the requirement for careful design considerations to ensure successful deep drawing of parts.

Deep draw hydraulic presses versatile and widely used manufacturing process that allows for the production of complex and intricate parts from sheet metal or other materials. It is employed in a wide range of applications and industries where precision and efficiency are required in forming components with high depth-to-diameter ratios.


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