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Sheet Metal Guillotines


Zebra are suppliers of new sheet metal guillotines manufactured using the latest technology and available in a range of cutting sizes. Our sheet metal guillotines have a streamlined design with the main structure consisting of racks, cutter holders, oil cylinders, hydraulic controllers, backgauges and other components. Finite-element analysis of main parts, welding parts uses tempering, vibration and other fabrication methods to eliminate stress ensuring the structural strength and rigidity.


The cutter holder uses three-point support rolling guide rail which reduces the friction and seamless rolling during cutter holder moving. The holder incorporates a positioning device, easy operation and high efficiency. Cutting quality is improved with a simple and effective blade adjusting mechanism rearranges blade clearance by the CNC system. Manufactured using high-quality alloy tool steel capable enough to against impact load and high wear resistance when cutting.

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