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C Frame Hydraulic Presses

If you are looking to increase your industrial hydraulic pressing capacity or bring your manufacturing in house, here Zebra Worldwide Machinery Ltd we can fulfil your requirements on this as we are appointed UK agents for the high quality and accurate Reha hydraulic C frame presses, which can be built to your exact specification to take your currently tooling and ultimately make your products, the machines come complete with market leading reliable components: Siemens electrical components & plc control, Sick Safety guards and upon request German made Rexroth or Japanese made Kawasaki hydraulics, once your machine has been built we will organise delivery to your works, installation and training with your operators complete with warranty and finance can be arrange for monthly payments over a number of your chosen years

C-frame hydraulic presses, also known as “C-frame presses” or “C-gap frame presses,” are types of industrial machines used for a wide range of manufacturing and fabrication processes. These presses feature a C-shaped frame design, where the press head travels within the opening of the C-shaped frame. The frame provides stability and rigidity, allowing for precise and controlled pressing operations.

C-frame hydraulic presses use hydraulic power to generate force, which is applied to the workpiece being pressed. Hydraulic cylinders are used to generate and control the force applied by the press head. These presses typically have a hydraulic power unit that includes a pump, valves, and a reservoir to supply hydraulic fluid to the cylinders.

C-frame hydraulic presses are commonly used for various applications, such as forming, bending, punching, blanking, and pressing operations in industries like automotive, aerospace, appliances, electronics, and metal fabrication. They can accommodate a wide range of workpiece sizes and shapes, making them versatile for different manufacturing processes.

Some key features of C-frame hydraulic presses include adjustable stroke length, adjustable press speed, and adjustable pressure control, which allows for customisation based on the specific requirements of the manufacturing process. They may also include safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and two-hand operation controls to ensure operator safety.

C-frame hydraulic presses are popular due to their robust construction, high precision, and ability to apply large amounts of force. They are suitable for both small-scale operations and high-volume production environments, depending on the size and capacity of the press.

Like the C frame Hare Press the Reha C frame also specializes in manufacturing hydraulic presses, including C and H frame presses, among other types of presses and machinery. They are known for their high-quality, durable, and reliable products, which are used by industries around the world for various applications.

C Frame Hydraulic Presses
C Frame Hydraulic Press
C Frame Hydraulic Press Specs

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