Union Bft80/2


Union Horizontal Borer

Headstock Work spindle dia: 80mm

Spindle taper: Morse 5

Max Dia Face: 800

Max Dia bored with/without faceplate: 800/450mm

Max depth bored at one pass: 710mm

Max Milling height / width: 1000/1000

Dia of faceplate: outside 500mm / centre 400 h6mm

Dia of clamping surface: 500mm

Min./max distance from centre of work spindle to clamping surface: 0/1000

Column: Adjustment across the spindle-no

Table: rotating height: 915mm

Max feed motion: longitudinal traverse 1600 Cross Traverse 1000mm

Claming surface: length x width: 1000 x 1120

Number of slots: 7 TGL3045BL1; 22H7 Spacing 140mm

Tailstock: longitudinally displaceable by hand

Longitude adjustment to spindle by hand

Cross adjustment to spindle

Guide bearings: Number: 1 Centre distance: Dia x L80/105x310mm

Vertical movement of bearing by hand – mechanical

Flange turning slide: On faceplate / On spindle nose / on boring bar

For diameters

Cross slide: 2 T-slots 12h7 tgl3045 bl.7 distance 125mm

Facing head: 2 T slots 18 h7 tgl 3045 b1.7 Distance 300mm

Max weight of workpiece: with load uniformly distribution.

Speeds: Numbers Progressive Ratio From To

Boring spindle faceplate, range 1 9 1,25 8 / 50 rpm

Boring spindle faceplate, range 2 9 1,25 31,5 / 200 rpm

Boring spindle, range 3 9 1,25 200 / 1250 rpm


For boring operations: 72 1,25 0,004 / 200mm/u

For milling operations 24 1,25 5 / 1000mm/min

For facing operations 48 1,25 0,008 / 6,3mm /u

For thread cutting metric and inch see operating instruction.

Rapid Motion for: All movements except facing slide 2500mm facing slide 750mm

Capacity: Material/Dia.mm/ Cutt speed-m/min Material/Dia mm/ cut speed- m /min

Drilling from the solid St60 Ggl-20

Boring from: Dia St60 Ggl-20

See also Amk-performance card

Drive: Individual drive

Dimensions of belts and numbers:

Driving machines Electrical

Motor power required Kw Voltage Kind of current Rpm Nos

For speeds and feeds 75 420V 3Phase 1500 1

For lubrication 0,014 220V 3Phase 1500 2

For tailstock 0,55 3Phase 3000 1

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