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Trumpf TruTool TSC 100


Used Trumpf Trutool Tsc100 laser slat cleaner for sale

The all new TRUMPF TSC 100 slat cleaner removes slag build up from slats on most brands of lasers.The new design of the tool results in higher quality cleaning and efficiency. Powerful roughing and finishing rollers were previously used to break up the slag. Now the slats are thoroughly scraped by two powerful, toothed cleaning tools running in parallel. The TRUMPF TruTool TSC 100 is able to remove any material that the laser can cut.

The New TSC 100 is easy to use!
The new slat cleaner can be used by one person, and a standard size pallet of 5 x 10 ft. is cleaned in about 30 minutes. The operator places it on any area of the support slats and turns it on. Two vertical rows of toothed tools press onto the slat and move forward through the slats, scraping the slag off each slat with a smooth forward motion. Placed on the slats from above, the cleaning rollers open and move back downward. During this process, the TruTool TSC 100 is simply propelled forward as it cleans. Watch the video below to see it first hand.

With today’s higher speed lasers, flatness of the material is critical. When slag builds up on the slats, the non-contact head must constantly adjust, thus reducing speeds. When cutting polished material such as Stainless Steel, the slats are kept as narrow as possible thus reducing the “flash back“ you get when the slats become loaded with slag from the previous sheets. This will reduce the amount of secondary operations to clean finished parts. Contact us now for a price list and a justification sheet.


Slat cleaner

The specialist for clean slats. The laser slat cleaner cleans the slats of your flatbed laser machine fast and several times over. This means you can use the slats for considerably longer. The machine can be simply and easily operated by one person.

  • Diverse area of application: Well-suited for a variety of materials, even for stubborn stainless steel slag.
  • Multiple cleaning: Multiple cleaning means an increased service life before having to replace the slats.
  • Highest quality: Slats which are cleaned regularly increase process reliability and the quality of the produced parts.
  • Automatic adjustment: The laser slat cleaner automatically adapts to different slag thicknesses of up to 25 mm.


Your specialist for clean slats. With the TruTool TSC 100, you can clean your slats quickly and effortlessly. This ensures reliable, high-quality production of laser-cut components. The slats do not need to be removed for cleaning. This is practical and saves you time. It takes approximately 30 minutes to clean an entire standard size pallet of 1500 mm x 3000 mm.

  • Cost reduction up to 75%: With the TruTool TSC 100, you can clean slats multiple times before they need to be replaced.
  • Simultaneous cleaning and production: On a laser cutting machine with pallet changer, you can clean the slats even during the cutting process.
  • Outstanding cleaning results: With the TruTool TSC 100, you can thoroughly remove the accumulation of slag, even on slats subject to high loads.
  • 1-man operation: With the long machine handle and good machine handling, you can clean the slats effortlessly by yourself.


The TruTool TSC 100 can be used on virtually all CO2, fiber and SSL 2D laser cutting machines

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