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RSA Mono


Used Rsa deburring machine for sale German made


Technical Specifications
Input power 2.6 / 3.2 kW
Speed 1500 + 3000 rpm


Workpiece data

Materials steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous
Lengths 100 mm and up (optionally 35 mm and up)

Work piece shapes: round tubes, shaped sections, solid bar, (optionally sheet metal)
Diameter: up to 90 mm


RASA MONO is one of RSA’s most universal tube deburring machines. It has proved itself worldwide again and again, in all industry sectors and markets including engineering, aerospace and automotive. The free-wheel brush makes RASA MONO suitable for a wide range of applications with small and large diameters and even sheet metal edges.

RASA MONO guarantees reliable deburring of end faces of tube, hollow sections, solid bar ends as well as sheet metal in steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Special requirements for the stainless steel fabricator includes a deburring brush to leave the edges nearly square for the TIG welder where no gaps are wanted to brushes for the aluminum industry for mill finish extrusion to anodised sections where no surface marks are wanted.

Guaranteed evenly deburred work pieces for the entire life of the deburring brush. The clearance between the high performance brush and work piece rest is adjustable and compensates for brush wear.

RASA MONO is suitable for tubes and sections with diameters of up to 90 mm and lengths of 100 mm upwards. Available options are the short tube deburring KRV attachment for short lengths, or the sheet deburring attachment BLV for straight sheet edges. The installation of both these accessories and the changing of the brushes can be done in under 1 minute and without tools.

The deburring process is independent of the work piece shape. By one rotation of the work piece against the brush, the tubes and hollow sections are deburred simultaneously on the inside and outside without secondary burr in just 3 seconds.


Your time advantages:

  • Simultaneously deburrs inner and outer edges
  • Shortest set-up times
  • Quick and easy deburring reduces assembly times of end products


Your quality advantages:

  • No chipping of paint, chrome or powder coating on workpiece ends due to burrs
  • High performance brushes ensure consistent results
  • Evenly rounded edges
  • No secondary burrs
  • No risk of injuries


Advantages of different bristle types

  • The type of the brush fill material is selected based on the deburring job. The brush can easily be changed as required, meaning the tool is always adapted precisely to the current workpiece properties and the desired results.
  • Optimal deburring results
  • Longer life of the tool
  • Extremely short deburring time


Your cost advantages:

  • High service life
  • Optimal tools for minimal piece costs
  • Reduced Quality Control issues
  • Lower deburring costs


  • Equipment for the deburring of short workpieces: Deburring device for workpiece lengths < 100 mm
  • Equipment for the deburring of straight sheet edges: Deburring device for sheet metal
  • Integrated dust and swarf collection
  • lockable castors
  • For mobility
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