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John Shaw 5340 Ton


John Shaw 5340 Ton CNC Punch Press

John Shaw
5000ton rubber press
4ft x 6ft bed

John shaw 5340 TON,Hydraulic , upstroking, rubber pad press

Capacity – 5340 Ton
Drawplate area (two left & right shuttle type) 72” x 48”
Diameter of rams – 23”
Number of rams – 4
Stroke of rams -24”
Rubber pad size -72”x48”
Rubber pad depth -10”
Daylight – 24”
Rotary pump drive motors (2)- 85HP each
Capacity of each pump 72GPM @ 900 psi
(pump on full stroke)
(pump on half stroke( 36 GPM @ 2340 psi

Approximate dimensions:
Height of press above floor -13ft
Overall width of press(including control gear, etc) 20ft
Length(overall) 27ft

Total weight of press 240 ton

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