Cloos Romat 360


Brand new teach units have recently been installed on the robot controls,
Both robots are 6 axis each and the long manipulator is 2 axis.

Ideal for large chassis body welding

Cloos Romat 360
Rotrol II – G
year 2001
Voltage/current 3×400 / 10.4 v/a

5300mm between face plates

750mm Radius 1500mm rotated diameter

Through arc seam tracking on system

It would fit in container, manipulator might need to be split into three.

Weight: About 5t to 6t

Weight Capacity.

10000N per station

Ability to Handle unequal weights on each side.

Difference load 2 stations 5000N

Speed of changeover for different sized units.

Each station has a strong back frame onto which tooling / jigs can be mounted using quick release clamps. Is this what they are asking about?

Optical Tracking System.

No optical tracking on this system but through arc seam tracking available.

Finance Available • Contact Us for details

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