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Wilson Xsharp


Used Wilson Xsharp cnc punch press tool grinder for sale:


Technical Specification*

Maximum Tool Diameter 160 mm
Maximum Tool Height 230 mm
Maximum Grind Per Grinding Cycle 0.99 mm
Air Pressure Supply 6 bar
Power Supply AC415 V 3 ph +N – 50 Hz / 3 x 16 A
Grinding Motor Power 2.2 kW
Wheel Rotation Speed 2800 rpm
Table Motor Power 0.18 kW
Table Rotation Speed 40
Coolant Pump Power 0.16 kW
Coolant Pump Water Flow Max. 40 l/min


X-Sharp Grinder
Fully Automated Grinding Process
The regrind process on the X-Sharp is fully automated and needs no previous grinding experience. After mounting the tool
in the tool holder, the operator selects the tool size and how much to regrind and touches the start button. The operator is
then free to return to other production tasks. When sharpening is complete, compressed air cleans the tool then the machine
returns to its original position and switches off.
Suitable for All Tooling Styles
With a flexible range of chucks and adapters, the X-Sharp can be used to sharpen all punch press tooling styles.
The X-Sharp uses an AC-servo motor driving a precision gear and ball screw with dual linear guides and four carriers to provide
highly stable bearing properties. This ensures a high level of precision and an excellent surface finish on your sharpened tools,
giving maximum return on your investment.
Automated Height Detection
The X-Sharp automatically measures the height of any tool mounted in the chuck before the grinding cycle begins.
Automatic Grinding Wheel Wear Compensation
The X-Sharp automatically compensates for grinding wheel wear during machine start up.
Shear Grinding
Punches with shears can also be sharpened using the X-Sharp shear grinding chuck.
The X-Sharp is equipped with a powerful closed coolant system, ensuring the tool is constantly flooded with coolant during the
grinding process. This prevents burning and surface cracking, improving the quality of the grind and helping to maximise your
tool life by giving you a factory sharp edge every time.
The machine has a heavy-duty cast-iron frame. This gives the X-Sharp superior frame stability, a fundamental requirement for
professional quality grinding.
Touchscreen Controller
The X-Sharp has a touchscreen controller with user-friendly multi-language interface for easy operation of the machine.
Interface language can be selected during machine set up.
Interlocking Safety Guard
The X-Sharp is equipped with an interlocking safety guard that opens and closes automatically. The guard encloses the entire
grinding area to protect the operator.
Grinding Space
With a unique safety guard design, the grinding space on the X-Sharp is easily accessible from three sides. This makes the
loading and unloading of tools quick and easy, and allows straightforward access for cleaning.
The small footprint of the X-Sharp means the machine can easily be placed next to the punch press. With the automation
features of the X-Sharp, the operator can continue to use the punch press while a tool is being sharpened.

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