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Ficep Excalibur 1201DE


Used very good condition Ficep excalibur 1201 de steel beam / girder drilling and Machining line for sale


 New / Year 2016

2.1.1 Type of sections that can be processed


Max. section volume                                    mm.                      1200 x 1200

Min. section volume                                     mm.                      50 x 50

Bar Length                                                             Refer to layout


2.1.2 Drilling Capacity


  • Drill heads                        1
  • Spindles per vertical drill head                                                        1
  • Drilling diameter                       40
  • Power per head (a.c) k.w 19
  • Program controlled spindle rotation speed with
  • Continuous variation RPM                      180-4000



2.1.3 Other Specifications

  • Complementary stroke to the X axis for the vertical head mm 200
  • X axis positioning speed (portal) mt/min                                35
  • Y axis positioning speed (drill head) mt/min                                12

Note: Dimensional tolerances of the raw sections are to UNI 5783-5784/73 standards


Tool Change

  • Number of tools to be changed 6
  • Adapter size HSK A80




Axes are CNC controlled

Total No. of axes that can be positioned                4

  • Longitudinal axis X Axis
  • Vertical axis Y Axis
  • Drill forward axis A Axis
  • Spindle rotation MDY


Auxiliary axes

  • Hold Down MM
  • X probe (optional) P3
  • Complimentary positioning axis AYX


2.1.5 Axis Stroke

  • Longitudinal Axis x axis  refer to layout
  • Vertical Axis y axis   12m/min

2.1.6 Maximum Positioning Speed

  • Longitudinal axis x axis 35m/min
  • Vertical axis y axis 12 m / min

2.1.7 Minimum programmable increment

  • X axis +/-0,1mm
  • Y axis +/- 0,1mm

Positioning accuracy (8)

Within holes of the same group pattern                +/- 0.5mm

Within groups of holes positioned at L distance (L    +_/- 0,5 + (L x0,06)


(*) The above accuracies do only apply to correctly adjusted machines fitted with sharp and correctly mounted tools


2.2 Hydraulic System

  • Hydraulic power unit system
  • Power unit motor 5kw
  • Fixed delivery pump 13 litres/min
  • Working Pressure 50 bar
  • Power Unit reservoir capacity 50 L

2.3 Pneumatic System

  • Working Pressure min5 bar
  • NOTE: For more detailed info see Pneumatic system diagram

Useful Data:


Type of normally used oil: Hydrus 32

Oil Quantity required to fill the circuitry               100 L

System Working Pressure                                          60 BAR


 Structural steel drilling line for sale

Ideal for an structural steel fabrication or engineering companies looking to bring beam drilling in house or adding to your capacity.


Finance Available • Contact Us for details

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