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Ducting manufacturing


Complete contents from a ducting manufacturer for sale.

Over 90+ items including swagers, lock formers, gorelocker duct edge forming machine, pipe / tube expander, cnc plasma cutting machine, pressbrake, guillotines (Keetona and Edwards DD guillotines, 1metre, 2metre and 2.5metre x 3mm) hand operated machinery, bending rolls (including 2 Faccin single pass rolls), powered box and pan folder with segmented tooling, including a hand operated folder, seam welders, spot welders, punching machines, ducting elbow welding machines, mechanical power presses, hydraulic presses c and h frame, drills, fly presses, plus more..

Many other thin gauge small sheet metal working machines for sale.

Used for making the following ducting products




Flexible Hose

Grilles, Louvres & Air Valves

Supports and Fixings
Accoustic & Thermal Insulation
Personal Protection Equipment
Ducting Kits
Bathroom Fans
Kitchen Fans
Inline Duct Fans
Commercial Fans
Heat Recovery
Industrial Fans
Fan Accessories
Dust / Fume Extraction Machinery and Spares
Local Exhaust Ventilation Test
Service Contracts
Installation Charges

Product Sections
Spiral Tube Duct & Fittings
Duct Fittings with Seals
Lindab Safe Duct Fittings
Fabricated Round Fittings
Stainless Steel Duct
Flexible Ducting
Grilles & Louvres
Supply & Exhaust Valves
Round Vents & Wall Cowls
Grille & Plenum Boxes
Dampers & Access Doors
Attenuators (Silencers)
Filters & Filter Boxes
Flanges & Connectors
Fixings & Supports
Sealant, Tapes & Insulation
Rectangular Ducting
Fume Extraction Hoods
Fans & Actuators


Flexible flue liner
Twin wall flue and chimney
ExcelsiorExcelsior Plus
Metaloterm MFSFL Nova
SFL Sflue
SFL IL twin wall gas vent
Single wall flue and chimney

Fireflexmaster multi-fuel liner
FLiX Quick fit flexible flue liner
Flexmaster gas and oil liner
ChimwrapTwin wall flue and chimney
Single wall flue and chimney

Wood and pellet stoves

Heating appliances



A comprehensive range of flue and chimney systems for every application

Flexible flue liner

Fireflexmaster – twin wall flexible flue liner for multi-fuel

FLiX – quick fit flexible flue liner for multi-fuel

Flexmaster – single skin flexible flue liner for gas and oil

Chimwrap – insulating sleeve for flexible flue liner

Single wall flue and chimney

QSW 316 – 316 grade stainless steel single wall connecting flue

Univit – vitreous enamelled carbon steel flue pipe

Metaloterm ME – single wall flue system for condensing applications

Twin wall flue and chimney

Excelsior – twin wall insulated chimney system

Excelsior Plus – twin wall insulated chimney system

SFL Nova – multi-functional twin wall insulated chimney system

Metaloterm MF – multi-functional twin wall insulated chimney system

SFl Sflue – twin wall chimney system for domestic solid fuel appliances

SFL IL – twin wall gas vent

Exodraft – chimney fans

Wood burning stoves

Quality wood burning and multi-fuel stoves from Hi-Flame and Jydepejsen

Biomass appliances

Pellet stoves and boilers managed by the most advanced technology, with a wide range of finishes and colours to fit any setting.

Fireplace inserts

Bioethanol fire

Finally have a live fire in a property that doesn’t have a chimney.  Ecofire is easy to build, and both safe and clean for its environment.

Heat Interface Units (HIU)

Installed in shared residential buildings, the HIU distributes heating and domestic hot water from a central plant system to individual properties. By removing the need for each area to have a conventional boiler, gas flue and hot water cylinder, the interface units dramatically reduce build costs for developers.

Blue-Tech oil boilers

The Blue-Tech oil boiler uses the very latest Blue Flame technology and is currently the most energy-efficient domestic oil boiler in Europe. The Blue Flame technology ensures a cleaner soot free flame through secondary burn of combustion air which also reduces pollution to the lowest possible level, achieving an impressive level of NOx emissions of only 65mg/kW hour.

Bioethanol fire

Finally have a live fire in a property that doesn’t have a chimney.  Ecofire is easy to build, and both safe and clean for its environment.
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