Trumpf Trumabend v85sx


Trumpf Trumabend v85sx

Trumabend v85sx
Exteneded daylight
Delem 65 control
Electro-hydraulic twin cylinder drive with independant Y1/Y2 movement
Spherical joint suspension of top beam
Incremental ram measuring system with deflection compensation
Cnc ‘X’ and ‘R’ axis back gauge
Novel, safe backstop fingeradjustment including 2 fingers
Self centering top tool holder
Hardened bottom tool holder
I axis, programm controlled, 2 position bottom tool adjustment
Safety screens and light barriers including single/double break operating modes

With crowning
Hydraulic top tool clamping
Hydraulic bottom tool clamping
Cnc finger adjustment asymmetric z1/z2


Bending force 850kn
Bend length 2,550mm
Gap between columns 2,260mm
Throat depth 410mm
Stroke length 215mm
Open height 385mm
Inclination of beam (Y1/Y2) +10mm
X axis- back gauge travel: 600mm
Maximum X distance 860mm
R axis- vertical travel: 250mm
Bed width 120mm

Working speeds – Approach 200mm/sec
Operation 1-10mm/sec
Return 135mm/sec
Back gauge 500mm/sec
R axis 300mm/sec
Machine weight 8,600kg

Connect load 11kw / 415v / 50hz

Down-Stroking with 2 cylindersElectro-hydraulic ram drive via proportional valves
Moder block hydraulics
Muliti axis cnc backgauge in X and R
New and safe front finger adjustment
Vertical tool change
Program controlled bottom tool adjustment (I-axis), 2 positions
Extension of installation height and stroke by 150mm each
2 pcs. Quick-adjustable front support brackets
Cnc fingeradjusment, Z1/Z2 axis
Single and double break operating modes


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